Beer and Politics - Joshua Cook Interviews Rock Band Good Night Future Boy

October 29, 2015

Award winning musicians Chris Brackett and Bill Johnson are launching a new project, Good Night Future Boy. Joshua Cook asks them about their vision and influence of the new project from a bar in downtown Greenville, SC.


Beer and Politics - Josh Cook interviews Quest Brewery and Activist Dan Pope about Beer and dumb regulations

September 22, 2015
My name is Joshua Cook and I'm your host and I'm really excited today because we have the owner of Quest Brewery Don Richardson, We are in his beautiful facility in Greenville, South Carolina and also I have Dan Pope who's the founder of Pints for Liberty here in the upstate of South Carolina.

Beer and Politics: Best 4 Red Wines for the Fall under $20

September 8, 2015

This episode Joshua Cook breaks from talking about beer to talking about the best 4 red wines you can drink this fall under $20.

His special guest is Sandy Merlino, wine specialist and connoisseur. The top red wines we chose are: Sexy Wine Bomb, Renieri InvetroGarnacha de Fuego and Sextant cabernet sauvignon.


Beer and Politics: Joshua Cook Reviews Top 3 IPAs of the Summer

August 25, 2015

Beer and Politics: Joshua Cook Reviews Top 3 IPAs of the Summer with special guest Bennie Brackett. 


Beer and Politics with Josh Cook - Special Guest Scott Horton

August 11, 2015

On the show Scott Horton told Cook his thoughts on Sen. Rand Paul's campaign and gave some constructive criticism.


Announcing “Beer and Politics” with Josh Cook

July 31, 2015

New podcast: Beer and Politics. Less government, more beer.

"Hey Guys. Looking for a new podcast the that satisfies your taste for beer and politics? Well great news. My name is Josh Cook and I will be hosting a new podcast called 'Beer and Politics' exclusively to Truth In Media. Join me and find a comfortable chair, crack open a cold one, light up your favorite cigar, and we'll talk politics.

I wanted to create a show, where regular people can get together, have a cold brew - cigar and spirits - and talk about the really important issues of the day.

Beer and Politics is about breaking through the illusion of the left right paradigm.

On the show we're going to have great guests, politicians, and even brew masters.

Hope to see you then.